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and Communities
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and large residential or commercial projects

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1–4 October 2018

European Vastu Conference • Rendlesham, UK

Learn how to create environments that foster health, happiness, and ultimately enlightenment. Conference location: Maharishi Peace Palace.

Participate in a hands-on design workshop to learn how to incorporate these elements into your next development project.

Advance your knowledge of Vastu architecture, sustainable design, and conscious community planning.

Enjoy an interactive tour of Maharishi Vastu houses in Rendlesham.

“The building stock needs to be rebuilt to reflect the needs of a changing world with new priorities. Architecture and city planning should be vehicles for human evolution, not just shelter and commerce. What if every city, town, and community was redesigned to make everyone’s daily routine effortless and blissful?”
Enlightened Real Estate by Barry B. Scherr

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