Developing Enlightened Buildings and Communities


Monday, March 26

9:30–10:00 AM
Networking and Light Breakfast
10:00–10:15 AM
Welcome and Introduction, Lindsay Scherr Burgess
10:15–10:45 AM
Basic Introduction to Vastu, Jon Lipman, AIA
10:45–11:00 AM
Pre Tour Introduction, Jeffrey Abramson
11:00–12:00 PM
Tour of Conference Location: 2000 Tower Oaks, the Largest Maharishi Vastu Office Building the U.S.
12:00–12:45 PM
12:45–1:15 PM
Travel to the Pearl (Transportation Provided)
1:15–2:30 PM
Tour of the Pearl — An Amenity-Rich Environment
2:30–3:15 PM
Travel back to Tower Oaks (Transportation Provided)
3:15–4:00 PM
Let’s Get Technical — A Deep Dive into Vastu Principles with Dr. Eike Hartmann (via Skype)
4:00–4:30 PM
Developing with Vastu In Paradise with Richard Bialosky, AIA, Developer of Mandala Village
4:30–5:00 PM
Enlightened Real Estate — A Vision for the Future with Barry Scherr
5:15–5:30 PM
Maharishi Vastu in Niagara Falls with Dr. Paul Potter
5:30–6:30 PM
Networking/Free Time
6:30–8:00 PM
8:00–9:00 PM
Initial Design Workshop Meetings, Lindsay Scherr Burgess

Tuesday, March 27

9:30–10:00 AM
Networking and Light Breakfast
10:00–1:00 PM
Hands-On Design Workshops with Richard Bialosky, AIA and Jon Lipman, AIA
1:00–2:00 PM
2:00–3:30 PM
Design Workshops
3:30–5:00 PM
5:00–5:30 PM
Wrap Up and Recap, Jeffrey Abramson, Barry Scherr, Lindsay Scherr Burgess
5:30 PM

*schedule subject to change

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