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John RenwickJohn Renwick, B.Tech C.Eng MICE. UK Director Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, graduated in civil and structural engineering from Bradford University in 1972 and completed postgraduate training in Vastu Architecture at Maharishi Vedic University in the Netherlands in 1999. He has led community building projects in the UK which utilise this system, including ‘The Ideal Village’ in Lancashire which won the prestigious BURA Award in 2000 for best practice in urban regeneration. John designed and built the first Maharishi Vastu school building and houses in England and has since designed over seventy private homes in UK and Ireland. More recently he has been a leading member of the team that created the Vastu community development ‘Maharishi Garden Village’ including the Maharishi Peace Palace® at Rendlesham – the venue for the conference.

Jeffrey AbramsonJeffrey Abramson, a partner in The Tower Companies, an award-winning, family-owned real estate development firm headquartered in Rockville, MD, and a recognized green building leader. Jeffrey’s company developed the first 200,000 sq. ft, Maharishi Vastu, LEED Platinum office building in the world.

Richard BialoskyrRichard Bialosky, AIA, along with David Ederer, developer of Mandala Village, a mixed-use, planned Maharishi Vastu community of 175 homes, light retail, short stay and health centre amenities now underway in Vero Beach, Florida. Mr. Bialosky has been practising architecture and actively engaged in real estate development for over 40 years. His practice combines the age-old principles of Vedic architecture; non-toxic, health-promoting construction protocols; environmental sensitivity; energy efficiency; with an emphasis on planning techniques that promote a sense of community.

Barry B. ScherrBarry B. Scherr, commercial real estate investor; Co-Founder of the Sundar Corporation and Enlightened Real Estate Development; and author of the recent book Enlightened Real Estate.

Eike HartmannDr. Eike Hartmann, Dr. Hartmann is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, which published the book, Vastu Homes and Cities in Harmony with Natural Law. He is the CEO of Fortune Creating Homes company, serving all of Europe and collaborates on projects worldwide.

Wojtek SkalskiWojtek Skalski, Vastu architect, Finland. Graduated in 1975 from Helsinki Technical University Postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999-2000 Working since 20 years on designing and consulting on Maharishi Vastu buildings and communities in Europe and Asia.

Aberto CastanoAlberto Castano, Maharishi Vastu Architect, Germany. Graduated from Hamburg School of Architecture and Engineering 1978 Postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999; active in designing numerous Maharishi Vastu projects for Central and Southern Europe and Latin America.

Christian SchweizerChristian Schweizer, architect and city planner, Germany. Studied city planning at the University of Stuttgart with postgraduate studies at Maharishi Vedic University in Netherlands in 1999. Inventor of the MERU Master Builder System for cost-effective prefabricated wall-elements with rich vedic ornamentation — implemented in Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia. Christian has built and consulted on over 100 Vastu homes and villas in Europe and Africa.

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