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Jeffrey AbramsonJeffrey Abramson, a partner in The Tower Companies, an award-winning, family-owned real estate development headquartered in Rockville, MD, and recognized green building leader. Jeffrey’s company developed the first 200,000 sq. ft, Maharishi Vastu, LEED Platinum office building in the world.

Richard BialoskyrRichard Bialosky, AIA, along with David Ederer, is the developer of Mandala Village, a 175 Home Mixed-Use planned Maharishi Vastu community underway in Vero Beach, Florida. Mr. Bialosky has been practicing architecture and actively engaged in real estate development for over 40 years — combining the age-old principles of Vedic architecture; non-toxic, health-promoting construction protocols; environmental sensitivity; energy efficiency; and an emphasis on planning techniques that promote a sense of community.

Eike HartmannDr. Eike Hartmann, Dr. Hartmann is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Vedic Architecture and City Planning, which published the book, Vastu Homes and Cities in Harmony with Natural Law. He is the CEO of the Fortune Creating Homes company in the Netherlands and collaborates on projects worldwide.

Jonathan LipmanJon Lipman, A.I.A., is North America’s leading practitioner of Maharishi Vastu architecture and urban design. He is an award-winning architect and a New York Times-praised author. He has guest lectured at Harvard, Stanford, and Yale Universities, as well as the Smithsonian Institution, the National Building Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

Paul PotterDR. Paul Potter, Director of Global Country of World Peace, Canada, is leading its Maharishi Vedic Village project, a planned 200-acre, mixed-use resort commercial residential development in Niagara Falls, Canada, based on the principles of Maharishi Vastu. He brings to the project his years of experience with Vastu planning and property development for the organization on a global level.

Barry B. ScherrBarry B. Scherr, commercial real estate investor; Co-Founder of the Sundar Corporation and Enlightened Real Estate Development; and author of the recent book Enlightened Real Estate.

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