Developing Enlightened Buildings and Communities


Please join us for the first annual conference: “Developing Enlightened Buildings and Communities — How Vedic Architecture, community design, and green building influence health, happiness, and lifestyle.” This event will bring together real estate professionals from all over the world to examine and explore the most cutting-edge ideas in real estate development and their impact on communities and inhabitants. The conference will integrate “Vastu” — the architectural and community planning science of ancient India, also known as Vedic Architecture — with the newest, hottest lifestyle trends including sustainability, community-building, and wellness. Everyone will participate in a hands-on design workshop to better understand and put into action Vastu’s powerful guiding principles of proportion, placement, and orientation. Participants will come away with both inspirational and practical tools to implement in their next project. This unique, holistic approach to design and development will show how to address all levels of the human experience to create an incredible lifestyle that uplifts and enlightens everyone who visits, lives, and works there.

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PhD as our keynote speaker. His speech is entitled “Convergence: How Consciousness, Physiology, and the Built Environment Interact.”

This conference is not to be missed. Register today!